While something that can be affected through the ageing process, as skin begins to sag with the loss of volume loss and elasticity, the definition of the lower face can actually play an important role how we perceive ourselves at any age – whether we’re looking to build a ‘stronger’ jawline or create a more pointed chin.

With this latest injectable, it means we can now offer patients a non-surgical alternative for designing a defined, sculpted jawline with minimal downtime and no pain, with completely natural-looking results at any age.

And what makes Volux so unique is that, due to its higher density than other dermal fillers, it is more adept in lifting the tissue, while allowing the aesthetic practitioner to mould and sculpt it into the right shape to give a sharper look.

With a hyaluronic acid-base, which is essential for firmer, younger-looking skin and for boosting collagen production, this treatment won’t just lift the skin but will also restore facial volume, while hydrating and improving the texture of the skin.

Created by Botox® manufacturers Allergan, Juvéderm® Volux joins the Juvéderm® range of dermal fillers to offer patients high-effective results for facial ageing.

We are proud that S-Thetics Clinic founder Miss Sherina Balaratnam has been named a ‘Local Country Ambassador’ (LCA) for Allergan, making her one of only a handful of expert UK practitioners selected to regularly train and mentor other health care professionals in non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation treatments and injection techniques.

With her ‘less is more’ approach, patients can expect expert results with minimal pain and downtime.