3DEEP Skin Science is a three-dimensional skin-tightening treatment which uses focused radiofrequency in different ways, treating three layers of the skin with utmost precision.

This works by delivering deep dermal heating into the skin, resulting in a smoother texture through increased collagen production – which is vital for tighter, healthier and younger-looking skin.

It is this industry-leading technology that enables the flexibility to treat every key skin rejuvenation indication and deliver body contouring and tightening treatments – all with outstanding, clinically-proven, long-lasting results, with minimal pain or downtime.

The energy is controlled by the most advanced software, electronics and safety features available, so we can safely treat anything from sagging skin and acne scars to poor surface texture and stretch marks.

Ideal for skin tightening, body contouring and fractional skin resurfacing, this FDA-approved technology is also great for post-baby mums who want that extra help to tighten their tummies that even exercise and diet may not shift.

And we can do this all from one single system – thanks to our specialised handpieces:

  • ENDYMED V-SHAPE:For focused and deep skin tightening for the jawline and under the chin
  • ENDYMED TIGHTEN:For facial skin tightening and lifting
  • ENDYMED FSR:For fractional skin resurfacing and tightening
  • ENDYMED INTENSIF:For ultra-deep fractional skin remodelling, tightening and lifting
  • ENDYMED SHAPER:For focused and deep skin tightening and firming for the body
  • ENDYMED EndyBleph: For reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin laxity around the eye area

This technology is designed to dramatically improve texture, tone, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating your skin’s natural responses and our patients can expect to see optimal results in skin rejuvenation from the outside-in.

We can also tailor our treatments to most ages and skin types, thanks to this technology’s versatile and advanced safety software, meaning our patients can be assured that they are in the most expert hands.

Selected as an ENDYMED medical aesthetic clinical expert and UK ‘Key Opinion Leader’ (KOL), Miss Sherina Balaratnam and her team at S-Thetics Clinic work closely with ENDYMED to further develop advanced treatments through clinical research and analysis.