While ENDYMED TIGHTEN and INTENSIF both deliver significant results in skin tightening, ENDYMED V-SHAPE delivers ultra-focused energy even deeper into the skin, while using the same innovative 3DEEP Skin Science radiofrequency technology.

This generates heat much deeper, stimulating existing collagen as well as the production of brand new collagen leaving skin firmer, tighter and lifted.

It does this using the specialist Mini-Shaper handpiece, which focuses and intensifies the energy into the skin without any pain or downtime. The depth of heating gives even more significant results in skin tightening and lifting those hard-to-treat areas.

A minimum of six treatments are recommended for optimal results, however, this may depend on the patient.

Each session lasts around 10 minutes, depending on the treatment area, and we would also highly recommend having this treatment in combination with the TIGHTEN or INTENSIF treatment.

Selected as an ENDYMED medical aesthetic clinical expert and UK ‘Key Opinion Leader’ (KOL), Miss Sherina Balaratnam and the team at S-Thetics Clinic work closely with ENDYMED to further develop advanced treatments through clinical research and analysis.