Beauty Decoded at S-Thetics Clinic

Last week we hosted our 1st exclusive Beauty Decoded Local Event here at S-Thetics Clinic, the first event of its kind in the South of England.


Guests enjoyed interactive product and technology demonstrations, VISIA digital skin consultations and presentations on how facial fillers can deliver safe, elegant, natural results.

Our medical director presented on global concepts of beauty, anatomical aspects of how we age & showcase the potential on how facial fillers create beautiful & natural results by removing negative messages of the face.


We were delighted also to officially launch Juvederm VOLUX in clinic, the latest Juvederm facial filler, created specifically to sculpt and define the chin and jawline.

What is Beauty Decoded?

Beauty Decoded is a series of global events created by Allergan designed to educate and empower consumers on the knowledge of facial fillers, the importance of having a proper consultation with a trained medical practitioner prior to treatment and how to achieve the look that they want.

By decoding your treatment journey, we’ll help you to learn more about the potential benefits of treatment and the subtle, elegant, natural results which can be achieved.

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