Chemical peels are an effective way to unlock more youthful skin, and, when directed and applied by the right aesthetic practitioner, are entirely safe with minimal risks.

Created using the PRODIGY PRO three-step system, the PRODIGY PEEL is a brand-new concept, completely tailored to the patient’s needs, while minimalising the risks of any side effects, such as irritation or inflammation.

This means we now have maximum flexibility over intensifying and progressing the peels according to our patient’s treatment ladder and skin condition with different strengths, to ensure best results and minimal downtime.

The Prodigy Peel is also ideal for progressing patients who want to step up their treatments from the popular Fire & Ice Facial.

As the UK’s flagship iS Clinical clinic, we are excited to be the 1st UK to clinic to be trained and to launch the brand-new PRODIGY PEEL ‘P2’ and ‘P3’ system.