At S-Thetics Clinic, we use the ENDYMED EndyBleph non-surgical eye lift to perform safe and effective rejuvenation of the eye area as an alternative to surgery.

It works in two steps by using radiofrequency to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin laxity around the eye area.

First, GLOW Skin Tightening & Lifting is carried out around the eye using a specialist handpiece. This handpiece uses the state-of-the-art ENDYMED 3DEEP Skin Science technology to deliver controlled, focused radiofrequency deep into your skin, which gently generates the optimum level of heat to stimulate your skin cells.

This encourages new collagen to be produced and, in turn, improves the underlying structures of your skin, causing it to tighten and lift.

Secondly, PURE Skin Resurfacing & Tightening is carried out in the same area. This treatment also uses ENDYMED 3DEEP Skin Science to boost the tightening effect of the treatment but also treats the surface of the skin at the same time.

The result leaves our patients with tighter, younger and healthier-looking skin – without the pain and downtime that may be associated with surgery.