The condition causes spots and oily skin, usually on the face, back, and chest. There are several different types of acne, with the most common being acne vulgaris. Acne can be difficult to combat, with seemingly logical solutions, such as over-washing the face and squeezing spots, often being counter productive. Acne is most commonly caused by changes or imbalances in hormone levels rather than dirt or poor hygiene, which is why it is commonly brought on by puberty or other changes in the body that can alter hormone production. Certain hormones can cause glands in the skin that create oil to overproduce, which in turn aggravates the skin bacterium and causes inflammation and pus. Hormones can also thicken the inner lining of hair follicles and cause blockage of the pores.

Acne should be dealt with swiftly, as in the long-term, lack of treatment can cause greater problems, such as acne scarring. Effective acne treatments can include medical skincare, facials, skin peels and laser therapy, depending on what type of acne is present. For more information, feel free to browse through our treatment options, or get in contact with us at S-Thetics Clinic.