Good Skin Health & Aesthetics – Introductory Webinar – Wednesday 26th May at 6pm

Would you like to find out more about one of the most common questions I am asked in my patient consultations:  ‘how do I achieve healthy skin?’


Then please join me on Wednesday 26th May at 1800 UK time, where I will be discussing a wide range of topics with my co-host, Francesca White, Health + Beauty Editor-at-Large at Tatler.

Covering some of the most popular questions and trends in Aesthetics, our conversation will include:

  • current consumer trends in aesthetics
  • what do my patients ask me for
  • what is good skin health, how to achieve & maintain it
  • key active skincare ingredients that drive real improvements in our patients skin health
  • how your skincare & treatment regime changes through the seasons
  • the role of facial injectables
  • how we use lasers and advanced technologies such as Picosure at S-Thetics Clinic

This is the very first in a series of global lectures by key doctors from around the world, and I hope you can join us.


“This is a rare chance to hear insights from the most popular patient questions related to ageing and skin from Miss Sherina Balaratnam – one of the UK’s leading skincare experts and Medical Director of S-Thetics Clinic in Buckinghamshire – all those important questions and get some truly honest answers.”

Good Skin Health & Aesthetics

When: Wednesday 26th May at 1800 UK time

How to access: please click here to secure your place


To find out how you could benefit from our range of aesthetic treatments to optimise your skin health, please contact our team on:

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