Picosure Laser Patient Experience at S-Thetics Clinic with Joey Kendal Brown

“The journey isn’t over, but with a combination topical products, facials and light treatment I’m beyond proud of my journey so far. With anything “beauty” I’ve given up before and turned to fast fix photoshopping, but by seeing my results at various stages of my journey using Visia skin imaging, I have been spurred onto focus and prioritise my skin journey.
Now, I’m so happy with my ‘new skin’ I feel most confident make-up free and don’t need the help of apps to get the look I want.


Thank you to Joey Kendal Brown for sharing your experience, treatment journey and results with our Picosure laser, including:

  • Her motivations for undergoing treatment
  • Previous treatments she’d tried
  • How the consultation and treatment planning process works
  • How we use medical imaging
  • The importance of skin conditioning
  • How we tailor treatments plans to you, the individual
  • Her results


Lightning-quick laser pulses delivered in a trillionth of a second are what enable PicoSure to target and break down skin imperfections and clumps of pigmentation.


Hailed as a ‘breakthrough’ by leading laser and cosmetic experts, this treatment is for those looking for a proven way to improve skin health and reduce signs of ageing, but wishing to lessen the risks, pain and downtime of traditional lasers.


Please contact our team to find out how you could benefit from Picosure treatment:

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