Introducing Picosure Focus laser skin rejuvenation at S-Thetics Clinic

Picosure – The laser boosting skin health for all skin types

With so many different laser treatments now being offered, it can be overwhelming to work out which ones are actually right for you.

So, how do you muscle your way through all the noise?

The first thing we would highly recommend is to talk to a fully-qualified aesthetic doctor or nurse.

Not only will they have years of experience and be able to advise you on the right treatment for your skin type, but they will also hold your safety as their number one priority.


It is true, though, that many lasers can only treat certain skin types – which is why at the S-Thetics Clinic, we are thrilled to launch our new PicoSure Focus laser for skin rejuvenation.

Unlike other laser treatments currently on the market, PicoSure is a breakthrough for patients seeking ways to improve their skin health and ageing – without the risks normally associated with traditional lasers.

This means we can now help even more of our patients tackle the likes of acne, pigmentation, scars and fine lines and wrinkles, no matter how light or dark their skin is.

How does it work?

Using ‘PressureWave’ technology, the PicoSure Focus aims to help combat ageing and other skin indications without relying on heat to burn away and destroy skin, which would normally then force it to heal and replenish – a traditional method which can only be used on certain skin types.

Instead, this new approach means less pain and minimal downtime for the patient, and, because it is ‘non-thermal’, it can be used on any skin type, even down to the darkest and lightest skin shades.

This is because of a unique wavelength of light – 755mm.

Paired with a specialised lens, the laser uses this wavelength to convert highly-targeted energy and create a gentle pressure, which, rather than destroying layers of skin, is designed to squeeze cells and activate the natural cell signalling process.

This is key, because by activating this process, there is a natural stimulation in the body of new collagen and elastin – which is a vital part of skin rejuvenation and normally abundant in skin and connective tissue when we are younger, before production slows down with age.

The result? Clearer, healthier-looking skin with a reduction in scars, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Generally, patients are advised to book a session every three to four weeks, then every six months to maintain best results – but your practitioner will first carry out a full consultation and take a full detailed medical history prior to any treatment.


And the risks?

As with any treatment, there will always be risks, but with the PicoSure laser, this is minimised due to its unique wavelength, which doesn’t target the outer skin.

Post treatment, patients might experience a few hours of mild redness or slight itchiness, but there should be no need for a long recovery time – and our highly-skilled practitioners are always on hand to help.

Launching PicoSure also sees S-Thetics Clinic become a UK study centre for Cynosure, the company behind this innovative technology (and the world’s largest aesthetic laser company), and we’re looking forward to sharing more of our real-life patients results.

Why choose S-Thetics Clinic for laser skin treatments?

We only use the most clinically proven, FDA cleared laser devices with peer-reviewed clinical papers.

Now with our Icon and Picosure lasers, we can effectively treat a broad array of skin types and skin conditions, including Sun damage, hyperpigmentationsun spots, sagging skin, acne scars pigmentation and thread veins.

At S-Thetics our approach  goes beyond purely treating your skin with lasers, we also blend lasers with tailored cosmeceutical skincare and medical-grade facial regimes to optimise, enhance and maintain your results.

Just last month a clinical white paper was published featuring x4 S-Thetics patients being treated with our Icon laser.

To find out more about PicoSure skin rejuvenation and how it could help you, please contact our friendly team on:

01494 670 990 or