Patient Success Story – Treatment Blending at S-Thetics Clinic

Hear from our patient, Belinda, 58, who recently had a blended treatment regime of cosmeceutical skincare, laser treatments and dermal fillers at S-Thetics Clinic:

“At 58 and having suffered with poor health for years, the laser and filler treatments I’ve had with Miss Balaratnam have made a big difference to my desire to look healthy, less lined and have a brighter complexion.

Before and after photos taken 8 months apart, following a tailored regime of blended skincare, laser and dermal filler treatments at S-Thetics Clinic

My lines have significantly reduced, my sun damage/age spots are also much improved, my face is fuller with better texture and I still look like me!

I can’t recommend this clinic more highly, so much so I travel an hour and a half to get there. Very happy!”

Belinda, 58, Farnham


Belinda presented to the clinic for a medical consultation with concerns around:

–       Sagging skin.

–       Loss of facial volume.

–       Increase in wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

–       Triggers: former stress from a medical illness.

Her aims: To achieve healthier skin, a fuller, lifted face, all without surgery.


The importance of your Consultation

Her consultation with our Medical Director, Miss Sherina Balaratnam, VISIA digital skin analysis and assessment showed inflammatory skin changes consistent with ageing and stress, significant skin laxity, volume loss and skeletal changes consistent with ageing.

Her staged treatment plan:

  1. Skin conditioning with a tailored iS Clinical skincare regime.
  2. Skin resurfacing using ICON laser ThreeForMe treatments: 3 sessions, treating facial redness, pigmentation and texture.
  3. Stage 1 dermal filler treatment: full-face revolumising in a layered-approach to deep fat, providing structure and contour, supporting muscle myomodulation.
  4. Stage 2 dermal filler treatment: addressing superficial fat and skin quality.
What Can We Achieve with Dermal Fillers?

We can reduce and remove negative facial expressions using dermal fillers by:

  1. Adding structure to the bony skeleton
  2. Volumising facial fat compartments to support muscle elevators and inhibit the depressors
  3. Adding hyaluronic acid to the dermal layer to enhance skin quality

From left to right, you can observe how her facial muscle function becomes progressively more supported, giving her a softer, more pleasing appearance.

Skin conditioning using cosmeceutical-grade topical skincare and triggering with lasers further improves the function of the skin, hydration and produces luminosity and glow.

Understanding your motivations is key to treatment planning and helping you achieve your goals.

Miss Sherina Balaratnam presenting her unique approach to ‘Treatment Blending’ at the 2018 Clinical, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Expo

At S-Thetics Clinic, we specialise in treatment blending. Using advanced derma filler techniques blended with advanced lasers and topical skincare, we can sympathetically, strategically and safely deliver ‘surgical-like’ results to our patients.


To find out more about our range of treatments or to schedule a consultation, please contact S-Thetics Clinic on:

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