Miss Sherina Balaratnam ‘In Conversation With…’ Patrick Johnson, Inventor & CEO, Celluma

As we approach our 1st year anniversary with Celluma, I’d like to share a previous conversation I had with Patrick Johnson, inventor & CEO of Celluma, back in November 2020.


Since completing my MSc in Surgical Sciences at University College London in 2005, I have been fascinated by how light-based technologies can treat skin conditions.

National Laser Centre

My research was based at the National Medical Laser Centre, investigating new 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA) prodrugs for Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

Fast forward to 2020 and after my own extensive research, I introduced Celluma to S-Thetics Clinic, both in combination with our in-clinic treatments and also available for home use.

Celluma-PRO-at-S-Thetics-Clinic-Red Setting

So what better way than to speak with the actual inventor of Celluma technology, Patrick Johnson, based in California.

NASA Research

It was fascinating to learn more from Patrick about the origins of low level light therapy, how NASA utilised this to both grow food and boost astronauts cellular renewal to keep them healthy and also the sheer volume of extensive clinical research he read before developing Celluma.

Celluma-Athletic Photo 1

Did You Know?

A research paper by Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital predicted that in the near future, many homes will have a light therapy device to treat common skin and body ailments.


Patrick has over 25 years experience leading manufacturing companies in diverse industries including medical, aerospace, dental and motorsports

Our topics of conversation include:

✔️ The research and innovation behind Celluma, including the multiple FDA clearances

✔️ Why Celluma is a whole-body, whole-family solution

✔️ The power of Low-level light therapy for aesthetics & pain management

✔️ Future trends in aesthetics and specifically for light based technologies and Celluma

Celluma-PRO-at-S-Thetics-Clinic-Drama Red AntiAging Mode

This was my first ever ‘meeting’ with Patrick and it was a real honour to talk to the inventor of this incredible technology, which has proven to be of enormous benefit to our patients, both in-clinic and at-home.

FDA Clearances

Celluma devices have multiple FDA-clearances and accompanying medical CE marks, allowing us to safely and effectively treat acne, wrinkles and skin conditions related to ageing, pain, inflammation, wound healing* and more.


To find out how you could benefit from Celluma treatments in-clinic and at-home for a wide range of aesthetic and pain-management indications, please contact us on:

01494 670 990 or

* Celluma devices are also CE-Marked for Dermal Wound Healing as a Class 11A medical device in the European Union