Instagram Live with iS Clinical USA – ‘Summer Skincare Tips’

I really enjoyed discussing a wide range of skincare related topics with Katherine Medina, Head of International Sales and Business Development at iS Clinical, based in California.


‘Summer Skincare Tips’

We discussed ‘Must-Have Products For The Summer’ covering a a wide range of skincare topics, including:

✔️  What happens to your skin during warmer summer months

✔️  How to adjust your daily skincare regime

✔️  Key active skincare ingredients and what they do

✔️  The importance of sunscreen and how to apply it

✔️  How I treat common skin concerns such as acne, photo damage & hyperpigmentation

✔️  We also addressed some of your top skincare questions

Please find the full video below:

About Katherine Medina

Katherine Medina is a licensed clinical aesthetician with over 25 years of experience in the skincare industry. She holds a BS in Psychology and has 16 years of specialized knowledge in superficial and medium depth chemical peels.

In 2012, after partnering with the brand for over a decade, Katherine began working for INNOVATIVE SKINCARE as the Head of International Sales and Business Development where she utilizes her extensive knowledge of the industry to support, grow and expand businesses globally.

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Thank you to the iS Clinical USA family for the invitation, to Katherine for being a superb host, and l’m looking forward to more educational events with you soon.

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