Universkin – the science of personalised skincare comes to Beaconsfield

This week I was privileged to spend time with two of the founders of Universkin in Nice, France, where this innovative skincare was developed.

Miss Balaratnam with Dr Dianna Murr and Dr Harry Arampatzis of the Universkin advisory board

This gave me the opportunity to see how a detailed skin consultation enables your precise formulation to be tailored to your individual skin concerns, that I see every day in my clinical practice in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.


Why choose Universkin?

With so many skincare lines available, from high street chemists to beauty counters and online retailers, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

My patients typically come to me seeking advice on improving their overall skin health as well as with specific concerns and questions such as:

– Which combination of products should I be on?

– Do I need a different day and night regime?

– Can one range effectively treat multiple concerns?


My patients are also becoming increasingly aware of how their skin changes both through the seasons and with their lifestyle.

Universkin allows us to customise your skincare formulation precisely for your skin.


Created by Scientists and Doctors

Developed in Nice, France by a scientific board composed of world leading Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Biologists, Facial Reconstructive Surgeons, Pharmacists and Anatamopathologists, Universkin is an exciting new concept in truly personalised skin care.


Addressing your skin concerns:

Universkin is based on functional dermatology where there are 8 functional treatments for 8 key types of skin diagnosis:

– Sun damage

– Sagging skin

– Dehydration

– Hyperpigmentation

– Acne

– Oily skin

– Rosacea and facial redness

– General skin rejuvenation and textural improvement


Why choose these active ingredients?

After extensive research into more than 30 years of clinical data, 20 active ingredients were selected:

  • Following established protocols from published clinical trials
  • No use of chemical preservatives
  • To adapt each treatment to the patient, not the other way around
  • To adjust the treatment over time according to the patients skin response
  • With guaranteed freshness and efficacy as they activate only when mixed into the Universkin Primum base serum


How are my personalised formulations created?



S-Thetics are one of the first 5 clinics in the UK to offer Universkin and the only clinic in Buckinghamshire. Universkin is exclusively available in clinics and not online or via the high street.

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To reserve your Universkin consultation, please contact our team on 01494 670990or