Skin Treatments – Patient Success Story

“I just wanted to say how delighted I was with the amazing results of the Fire and Ice Treatment. My skin looks so much fresher and cleaner and I have had numerous comments on how good my skin looks.

Having not really thought about daily SPF for my face, I have been delighted with the iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50+ and it has been very pleasing to see how my new skin care regime has started to reverse some of the deep skin damage shown with the VISIA camera.

I love coming to the haven that is S-Thetics, to relax into a treatment under the professional and friendly care of the team. Thank you all, looking forward to being back soon.”

Nicky, 45, Beaconsfield

Our latest testimonial from our patient, Nicky, who came to us with concerns about her uneven skin tone, texture and pigmentation. Nicky has been using our iS Clinical range of skincare products to help reduce her pigmentation and skin condition.

The before and after photos below are captured using our VISIA digital skin analysis system and illustrate significant, measurable improvements in pigmentation, skin texture, crows feet and pore count:

Overall reduction in skin pigmentation
Overall reduction in skin pigmentation and sun damage
Skin texture improvement , including significant reduction in crows feet
Skin texture improvement, including significant reduction in crows feet
Significant reduction in pore size
Significant reduction in pore size

Using our VISIA digital skin analysis, we are able to measure your skin at both a surface and subsurface level, capturing eight key areas of your complexion to determine where your skin might need some extra help, as well as where your skin is already doing well:

  1. ultra violet damage
  2. wrinkles
  3. brown spots
  4. texture
  5. facial redness
  6. spots
  7. pore size
  8. porphyrins or the bacterial content in the skin

S-Thetics Beaconsfield consulting room

We specialise in the latest scientifically based skin and medical aesthetic treatments, and offer a broad range of treatments – from advanced skincare products and facial treatments, to cosmetic injectables and non-surgical skin rejuvenation using medical grade technology.

Founded by surgeon and cosmetic doctor, Miss Sherina Balaratnam, we are proud to have a medical approach at the heart of our practice, meaning that all treatments we offer have scientific backing and are delivered with the highest standard of clinical expertise and care.

S-Thetics Beaconsfield

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