In The Consulting Room Masterclass – VISIA facial imaging, Thursday 21st January 7:15-8:30pm

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Would you like to know more about how VISIA digital skin analysis can help improve your skin health?

On Thursday 21st January from 7:15-8:30pm we are delighted to host an evening with Nick Sinclair, the UK’s foremost medical digital imaging expert. Nick will be showcasing our VISIA technology and discussing how this can benefit you as you look to optimise your skin health and treatment options.

Places are limited so please contact our team on 01494 670990 or to reserve your space.


In this patient-focused master class you will learn about:

  • Skin health and ageing well
  • The anatomy of facial ageing
  • How VISIA facial imaging works as part of your ongoing treatment plan
  • How to optimise, manage and improve your skin health
  • How various treatments and skin products can benefit your appearance
  • And much more…..

“But first I had the most fascinating skin consultation, like, ever. Because the machine scans your face for everything – sun damage, heat, wrinkles, pores, texture, you name it.

And you see yourself popping up on the screen in Andy Warhol-like colours as the machine reads your skin.

Though there’s a kind of dermatological gallows humour to seeing your face deconstructed like this, it’s clearly very useful for anyone treating you.”

Hero Brown, Muddy Stilettos

S-Thetics Beaconsfield

Places are limited so please contact our team on 01494 670990 or to reserve your space

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