Fire & Ice facial treatment – Patient Experience

Our latest testimonial from our patient, Annas, who has had several Fire & Ice facial treatments at S-Thetics:

“As a busy mother of two young children my skin regime is often last on my to-do list. Having regular Fire & Ice facial treatments has helped repair and maintain my skin, which was starting to look dull and made me look tired all the time.

The treatment is the most in depth and rejuvenating facial I have ever had. I walked out of the clinic with my skin glowing and the best thing is that the results build and improve over time. There is no recovery time so I can get back to my daily routine immediately, looking fresher with each treatment.

I’ve also been using the iS Clinical skincare regime, and friends have commented how much my skin is glowing again.

Having a treatment plan created specifically for me has helped me customise my regime to suit my lifestyle. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the treatment and clinic.”

 Annas, 40, Beaconsfield

Patient testimonial, the Fire & Ice facial treatment
Patient testimonial, the Fire & Ice facial treatment

Designed to resurface the skin, this intensive clinical treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles and provides deep cleansing of blocked pores. It’s a multi-step treatment with two masque applications followed by application of a serum and a cream to soothe and moisturise the skin.

The Fire & Ice facial treatment is ideal for those seeking:

– instant results

– plumper, smoother, more hydrated skin

– reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

– customised to your individual needs

– rejuvenation of your skin

– no downtime

iS Clinical Fire & Ice treatment

What happens?

The “Fire” portion of the treatment is an Intensive Resurfacing Masque clinically formulated with 18% unbuffered glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, vitamin B3, retinol and potent antioxidants, including green tea extracts. The treatment is applied for five minutes and is designed for use on the face, neck and décolleté – with a strong fragrance of cinnamon. The warmth that comes with this part of the facial is pleasant and tingly, and lasts for two to three minutes.

The “Ice” portion is a rejuvenating, cool, soothing and intensively hydrating masque with hyaluronic acid, Japanese green tea extracts, aloe vera gel, liquorice extracts, rosemary extracts and grape seed extracts. This second masque cools the initial peel to leave the skin invigorated and glowing and is applied for about 5 minutes. After a final cleanse, a moisturising serum and a strong sunscreen are applied to the face.

How long does it take?

Treatment time is 45 minutes, results are immediate, long lasting and natural in appearance.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime associated with this treatment. All treatments are customised to your skin, using our advanced VISIA facial imaging system.

How frequently do I need them?

The treatment is ideal as part of a treatment course and / or a monthly treatment to maximise and maintain your results.

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