Natural Beauty – A Guide to Facial Fillers

Most patients having a cosmetic treatment are seeking a more youthful appearance, but still want to look like themselves. So a good rule of thumb is to undergo temporary procedures that wear off, before committing to something permanent.

A 2013 study in a leading Facial Plastic Surgery journal has shown that, while cosmetic surgery can make people look younger, it doesn’t necessarily make them more beautiful.

Erasing lines and folds, tightening sagging skin, or restoring young full lips may rejuvenate some faces, but as we are all aware, can also look odd and a bit out of balance on others.

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Before and after photos after dermal filler treatment with improvement in skin volume, structure and texture

Patients new to fillers often bring up fear of this kind of “unnatural” result, causing some to avoid treatments altogether.

The restoration of a natural volume distribution is a major goal in facial rejuvenation. Having a detailed understanding of facial anatomy to recognize “what’s been lost where” on a case-by-case basis so as to individualise treatment plans, helps to offer the sort of subtle and natural-looking results desired by my patients who often tell me that they don’t want to look done, but just want to perhaps look less tired.

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(As featured in Elite Magazine, April 2016 edition)

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