Elite Magazine reviews the new S-Thetics “Red Carpet” Fire & Ice treatment

We’d like to thank Elite Magazine for reviewing the new S-Thetics Red Carpet Fire & Ice treatment:

“A perfect treatment has just got even better”

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“This treatment is magnificent. This is the second time I have had Fire & Ice – each time I find I get compliments from people who say how beautiful my skin is.”

“It becomes clear, radiant, flawless, the lines seem to disappear. I haven’t experienced anything so powerful.”

S-Thetics Beaconsfield Elite Magazine November 2015 Fire & Ice

“And with the treatment also targeting the neck, decollete and hands, I could see how the skin instantly looked plumper and younger.”

The S-Thetics Red Carpet Fire & Ice treatment is ideal for those seeking:

– instant results

– skin feels plumper, smoother and more hydrated

– reduces fine lines and wrinkles

– red carpet-ready skin

– ideal as part of a skin program to deliver long term results

– no downtime

– ideal for special occasions or the ideal gift


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