Riverside Journals reviews the new S-Thetics “Red Carpet” Fire & Ice treatment

We’d like to thank the Riverside Journals for reviewing the new S-Thetics Red Carpet Fire & Ice treatment:

“I was greeted by Miss Sherina Balaratnam, one of the UK’s leading non-surgical cosmetic specialists, who immediately made me feel at ease as she talked me through the ‘Fire & Ice’ procedure. The knowledge that Miss Balaratnam is not only a fully qualified Doctor, but has a background in plastic surgery reassured me that I was in good hands in a clinic dedicated to carrying out medical aesthetic treatments.”

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“The Fire & Ice Experience then began. Pioneered in Beverley Hills and coveted by A-Listers globally, this renowned intensive treatment is clinically formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients. Yes botanical”

Riverside Journals S-Thetics Red Carpet Fire & Ice

“I saw for myself just how immediate the results were. My skin looked so much softer with a lovely glow. This is an excellent, intimate clinic and Beaconsfield is fortunate to have gained a medical aesthetic clinic with medically trained practitioners”

The S-Thetics Red Carpet Fire & Ice treatment is ideal for those seeking:

– instant results

– skin feels plumper, smoother and more hydrated

– reduces fine lines and wrinkles

– red carpet-ready skin

– ideal as part of a skin program to deliver long term results

– no downtime

– ideal for special occasions or the ideal gift


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