Dr Charlene DeHaven, clinical director of iS Clinical, introduces iS Clinical skincare to S-Thetics

Dr Charlene DeHaven, Clinical Director of iS Clinical, introduces the iS Clinical range of cosmeceutical skincare to S-Thetics Beaconsfield and talks about the clinic’s approach to achieving skin wellness:

The iS Clinical range is a luxury, clinically-proven range of products comprised of exceptional, long-term “results orientated” anti-ageing and skin optimisation formulations. Developed by an elite panel of leading pharmacologists, doctors and experts in molecular biology and biochemistry, the range is founded on the highest level of integrity using the purest pharmacological grade and botanical quality ingredients.

Skin conditions the iS Clinical range can help with include:
– Acne
– Rosacea
– Hyperpigmentation
– Uneven skin texture
– Dry, dehydrated or sun damaged skin

We are proud to partner with iS Clinical and look forward to helping our patients achieve skin wellness.

iS Clinical at S-Thetics

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