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EndyMed™3DEEP® is a three-dimensional skin tightening treatment that uses the latest radio-frequency technology to deliver deep dermal heating, resulting in smoother skin via collagen stimulation.

This advanced, non-invasive and FDA-approved technology is ideal for smoothing wrinkles, tightening skin, reducing cellulite and shaping facial and body areas.

There are distinct procedures, which are clinically proven to be safe and effective at treating the signs of photo damage and skin ageing:

  • GLOW Skin Tightening & Lifting improves the appearance of lax, sagging skin and fine lines and wrinkles in the cheek, jowl, eye and neck areas.

  • PURE Skin Resurfacing & Tightening rejuvenates skin from the outside in, improving texture, tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • SHAPER Body Contouring with circumference reduction – stimulates the natural production of collagen, causing skin to tighten and lift as well as reducing overall circumference and cellulite. The key areas where EndyMed SHAPER Body Contouring is most effective are the tummy, flanks bottom and thighs where the skin is thicker.

ABC News discusses radiofrequency as an ideal treatment to help tighten and contour your body:

Find out why internationally renowned dermatologists recommend Endymed 3DEEP RF technology for firmer, smoother, tighter and fresher looking skin:

Endymed tightening and contouring is often referred to as a “non-surgical facelift”. Results are long lasting and can have effects for up to two years, depending upon your skin’s particular natural ageing process, although we recommend maintenance treatments every six months.

Patient Testimonials

“I have had EndyMed 3DEEP Tightening and Contouring on my face and body. The results are incredible, especially when we stopped half way through, so Miss Balaratnam could show me the instant effects on the treated area compared to the non-treated.

My skin felt tighter and firmer straight away. Three days later my skin is soft and smooth.”

Elouise 29, High Wycombe

“But I tell you what, this machine was amazing. I had one side of my face done, around the jowls (for let’s call a spade a spade, the Muddy double chin is back with a vengeance), and I swear to God, I looked in the mirror and you could see the side that had been zapped was more taut than the other.

Clear as day. (Before you ask, I did get it balanced up by the end of the treatment). Usually you have several treatments, rather than just the one, so it’s definitely a good shout if you’re worried about things sagging.”

Hero Brown, Editor – Muddy Stilettos

“The EndyMed is such a fabulous treatment that I can’t recommend enough. I walked out of the clinic not only glowing, but radiating from the inside out… it felt fabulous!”

Annas, 40, Beaconsfield

How does it work?

By delivering heat deep into the dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin, EndyMed™3DEEP® creates an immediate effect by stimulating new collagen growth and helping to tighten and re-model the existing collagen in the skin. The 3DEEP™ technology controls the power and depth of the radio-frequency energy delivered to the skin, which is what makes it very effective.

Which areas can be treated?

The key areas where EndyMed™3DEEP® Skin tightening and contouring is most effective are:

  • Facial skin tightening:

    • Tightens and lifts lax and sagging skin in the cheek, jowl and neck areas

    • Tightens and lifts skin in the eye contour area; under the eye, above the eye and above the brow

  • Body skin tightening and contouring:

    • Tightens and lifts lax and sagging skin on smaller, exposed body areas like the décolleté, upper arms and knees

    • Tightens, lifts and improves contours and cellulite on lax and sagging skin on larger body areas such as the tummy, bottom, thighs and flanks.

EndyMed™ Tightening and Contouring works from the inside out to firm and tighten collagen, smoothing the skin leaving it firm and plump. It can be used on the face, neck, décolleté and body: at S-Thetics, this treatment can be carried out by either Miss Balaratnam or our expert medical aesthetician.

EndyMed™ Fractional Skin Resurfacing levels off the skin, ironing out stretch marks and scars as well as shrinking pores and improving texture. This treatment is only carried out by Miss Balaratnam and leaves the skin feeling revitalised and as good as new.

What are the results?

Overall, the EndyMed™3DEEP® system delivers exceptional facial and body firming, improving the texture of skin and effectively tackling a host of key skin concerns such as acne, scarring and stretch marks. The treatments are FDA-approved, meaning that they safely achieve these results without any pain or recovery time, and give natural, long-lasting results.

Results will be apparent from the first treatment and you will experience an instant lift caused by the stimulation of collagen. This is a short-term response and can last up to two days post-treatment.

The subsequent, repeated treatments will build the long lasting response, as new collagen is produced. While some patients will see some lasting visible improvements early on, the optimal results are often seen around three months later, when the body’s natural collagen production kicks in, following a full course of the recommended six treatments (one week apart).

Results are long lasting and can have effects for up to two years, depending upon your skin’s particular natural ageing process, although we recommend maintenance treatments every six months.

The results you achieve with this treatment will be enhanced by using an anti-ageing skincare regime that complements your skin type, as well as using a high level broad spectrum sun protection to reduce the effect of photo-ageing.

Are there any side effects?

In general, these treatments are safe for all skin types, comfortable and require the minimum of recovery time. The procedure is safe and pain free and the heat comparable to having a hot stone massage, so you should find it to be comfortable and relaxing.

Following the procedure you can immediately return to your regular skincare regimes.

As this is not a laser treatment, it can be used on all skin types and there is less risk of inflammation or pigmentation – meaning there is also no need to use a high-factor SPF following treatment.


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