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Elite Magazine reviews the S-Thetics Signature Treatment

Elite Magazine reviews the S-Thetics Signature treatment

October 17, 2015 10:59 am Published by

“I have been lucky enough to test some of the best skin treatments on the market, but I think this one is probably the most effective I have experienced”

“But when I put make up on later, the treatment had left me with a beautiful glow – actually, my skin was flawless”


Thank you to Elite magazine for reviewing our Signature Fire & Ice and Skin Tightening treatment and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

As featured in Elite Magazine September 2015 edition.

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Read a Fire & Ice patient testimonial

Patient Testimonial – Fire and Ice: My Skin in Eight Ways

July 13, 2015 8:31 am Published by

I am 21, live in Beaconsfield and work full-time. As a new patient to Miss Balaratnam, I had my reservations about undertaking any skin treatments. I have horribly sensitive skin – so much so, that just putting on a small amount of scented moisturiser would leave my skin screaming out in acne the following day.

Despite my reservations, Miss Balaratnam surprised me – and who doesn’t want to be surprised? Her suggestion for my poorly conditioned skin was iS Clinical’s Fire and Ice facial treatment.

Before letting me anywhere near such advanced skincare, however, Miss Balaratnam conducted a VISIA digital skin analysis. The technology may look slightly, well, technical, but the process is simple: show the patient what they can’t see.

I pulled my hair back, rested my head in the correct position and closed my eyes while three flashes took pictures of my skin, both on top and beneath the surface. It then showed me percentages of eight key areas of concern: spots, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, wrinkles, texture, pores and porphyrins.

Not only did it show me the exact condition of my skin, it gave Miss Balaratnam the opportunity to check for underlying skin issues that could be more serious (which, fortunately, I did not have).

Then we got down to the facial. The Fire and Ice facial treatment is an advanced, but gentle, facial resurfacing treatment that uses two masques – Fire, and Ice (but not literally, of course). The Fire masque is formulated with 18% glycolic acid, retinol, lots of antioxidants and had a beautiful cinnamon fragrance that reminded me of Christmastime. This was painted onto my skin and left on for 5 minutes to gently dissolve the dead skin from the top layers of my skin. This was then gently cleansed away releasing any blockages from pores, with just a little bit of heat. Immediately after, my skin was then cooled with the Ice masque, which was crammed full of antioxidants as well as the super hydrating hyaluronic acid and all things that make for happy, hydrated, healthy skin, leaving my complexion glowing and soft.

The best part, though, after some pure relaxation, was seeing for myself how my skin had changed. I hopped back into the chair and had my skin scanned once more, and the difference was incredible – every single area the VISIA had tested my skin for had improved.


I’ve just had my second treatment, and if I hadn’t seen the change for myself, both on screen and in real life, I would never have thought such a simple treatment could make my skin look this good. I am now following through with an IS Clinical daily skincare regime, and my skin has never felt happier. I couldn’t recommend this treatment more, or Miss Balaratnam, for getting me skin happy.

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