Introducing the “In The Consulting Room” Master Class

May 27, 2015 11:27 am Published by

Launching at S-Thetics Beaconsfield in June 2015



Miss Sherina Balaratnam

Miss Sherina Balaratnam MBBS, MRCS, MSc (UCL)

Cosmetic Medical Doctor

Would you like to learn more about skin health, non-surgical skin rejuvenating procedures, how they work and why they may benefit you?

Join us for a series of patient-focused master classes and learn about:

  • Skin health and ageing well
  • The anatomy of facial ageing
  • The history and science of BOTOX®
  • Facial fillers and the 8-point lift
  • Collagen stimulation and skin tightening with radiofrequency
  • And many more…..

* Refreshments will be served

* Some presentations will include live treatment demonstrations

* “In The Consulting Room” is a non-profit meeting, however a small donation toward the clinics’ charity of choice will be welcomed

Please contact our team on 01494 670990 or for more information and details of upcoming dates

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